A Destination

The Craftsman building has been serving the longfellow community for over 70 years. It has been many things to the community over the years. It was first known as the “Sippi Bar”, then in the 80’s it served the community as a pub and pizzeria. In 2004 it became The Craftsman, during this time the building went under a renovation to reflect the craftsman-style homes that are a trademark in the Longfellow neighborhood.


The Craftsman kitchen reflects the craftsman tradition by serving quality cocktails prepared by our highly skilled mixologists. We also have a separate dining area and private patio that is a great place for brunch and lunch during the day; by night it is a great place to stop and have a cocktail or craft beer after work or enjoy the patio with the people you care most about.

We are committed to being a vibrant member of the Minneapolis community, check out calendar to view upcoming special events and updates!